Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium Die Casting
  • Pressure tight, leak proof aluminum die castings
  • Fully machined, painted and/or powder coated die cast components
  • In house tool design & manufacture

The die casting process manufactures metal parts by injecting molten metal into a hardened steel die under pressure.

The die cast process is capable of producing precision, net shape components with tight tolerances, thin walls and excellent surface finishes. Die casting unit prices can be low, due to the high rate of production and short cycle times. Die cast tooling can be expensive, depending upon the amount and complexity of cast features.

  • Offering in-house tooling design and production
  • Full service, modern mold manufacturing facility
  • Aluminum die castings in a wide variety of aluminum die cast alloys
  • CNC machining, painting and powder coating capabilities for finished castings
  • ISO┬ácertified since 2002
  • Can cast from 1 ounce to 18 pounds
  • Shot monitoring systems to ensure consistent die casting quality