Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting
  • Zinc die cast components from one gram to 5 pounds
  • Precision zinc die cast components cast on conventional and multislide die casting machines
  • Finished die castings including machining, plating and powder coating
  • Off shore tooling options for lower up-front tooling costs

Zinc die castings are manufactured using the “hot chamber” process, whereby molten metal is injected into a steel die under pressure. This process produces precision, net shape die castings. Thin wall sections, tight tolerances and the best surface finishes are achieved.

Zinc die castings can offer the lowest cost means to a net shape due to high rates of production and short cycle times. Tooling can be expensive, depending upon the amount and complexity of cast features. Zinc die castings can be finish machined, including tapping, and readily accept all types of plating.

  • Eighteen (18) conventional and multislide die casting machines ranging from 10 ton to 250 ton
  • Close tolerance, precision die castings using multi-slide casting machines
  • Thin wall castings to .019” utilizing the exceptional castability of Zn alloys
  • Single source for part design, prototypes and production zinc die castings
  • Zn alloys #2, #3, #5 & #7, ZA-8
  • Finished zinc components including machining, plating and assembly
  • Off shore tooling capability to reduce tooling costs