Investment Casting

Investment Casting
Investment Casting

• Flexibility of Ferrous and Non Ferrous Investment Castings under one roof
• Investment cast components from a few ounces to 30 pounds
• Investment casting design, prototypes, production, and NDA Testing

Why Investment Casting?

The investment casting or lost wax process can supply you with net or near-net-shape metal cast parts. The investment casting process offers engineers and product designers very few restrictions while taking advantage of several cast metals like alloy and tool steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, hastalloy, monel, and stellite. Investment casting can provide complex geometry and thin-walled castings in as many as 100 different alloys.

Cost savings can be achieved by investment casting’s ability to provide near-net-shaped castings to reduce the number of machining operations or eliminate them completely. By simplifying assemblies and incorporating parts, investment castings can help reduce your total cost. Investment castings can incorporate fine details like holes, undercuts, lettering, splines and bosses.

  • Investment Cast components from a few ounces to 30 pounds
  • More than 150 alloys available
  • Finished metal castings including machining, heat treat, and plating
  • In-house NADCAP approved Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) facility
  • ISO 9001/AS 9100/NADCAP/ITAR Registered