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Zinc Die Castings

  • Zinc Die Cast components from one gram to 5 lbs
  • Hot chamber Zinc Alloys #2, #3, #5, #7 and ZA-8
  • Precision zinc die cast components cast on conventional and multislide die casting machines
  • Finished die castings including machining, plating and powder coating
  • Off shore tooling options for lower up-front tooling costs
  • Prototype services available

Aluminium Die Castings

  • In house die design and manufacture
  • Most aluminum die casting alloys, including ZA alloys
  • Fully automated die casting machines for high volume programs
  • Manual machines for low volume projects
  • Castings from 1 ounce to 18 lbs
  • Full secondary and finishing operations available
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  •  Prototype services to palletized CNC machines for high volume machining
  • CAD/CAM software for design assistance and accurate, timely quotations
  • Horizontal and Vertical machining centers ensure versatility
  • Casting machining experience
  • Materials include aluminum, carbon and stainless steel, Kovar, Titanium and plastics
  • CNC Milling table travel from 11” to 60”, spindle speeds to 15,000 RPMs
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Brown & Sharpe
Bar Capacity: from .125”0 to 2.375” 0
Typical Tolerances: +/- 0.001” on O.D. and I.D. and +/- 0.003” on the length
Materials: all metals and most plastics
Run Size: 500 pieces to 20,000
CNC Swiss Screw Machine
Bar Capacity: from .093” 0 to 1.25” 0
Typical Tolerances*: +/- 0.0005” on O.D. and I.D. and on overall length +/- 0.003”
Materials: all metals and most plastics
Run Size: 500 pieces and up
Davenport Multi-Spindle Screw Machine
Bar Capacity: from .0935” 0 to .875” 0
Typical Tolerances: .0003” on O.D., .001” for length
Materials: aluminum, brass, copper, steels, plastic
Run Size: from 5,000 to millions
Acme Gridley Multi-Spindle Screw Machine
Bar Capacity: from .0625” to 2.625”
Typical Tolerances: +/-.0001” on O.D. and I.D. and +/- 0.003” on the length
Materials: brass, copper alloy, steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
Run Size: from 10,000 to millions

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  • Over 150 Ferrous and non-Ferrous alloys poured
  • Prototyping Services Available
  • Near net shape, ZERO DRAFT technology
  • 125 RMS or better surface finish
  • Design services available to aid product improvement/value analysis projects
  • Secondary machining operations available upon request
  • ISO 9001:2008. AS9100C, NADCAP Certifications
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Powdered Metal Components

  • Custom, precision, ferrous powdered metal parts to 500 grams
  • Secondary coining and sizing operations enhance structure and tolerance
  • Oil impregnation for lubricity makes ideal bearing components and bushings
  • Ferrous impregnation improves powdered metal part density to 7.4 g/cc
  • Powdered metal parts feature complex external and internal shapes
  • Flexibility in shape makes near net-shape sintered metal parts
  • Minimal material waste ensures competitive pricing
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  • Rapid prototyping, single cavity soft tooling, Short run capability
  • Complete in house toolmaking and low cost offshore tool options available
  • Transfer mold specialists
  • Precision, close tolerance molding
  • Clean room environment
  • Insert molding, Two shot molding, Over molding, Multi-Material Molding
  • ISO: 9001:2008, compliance with 21 CFR 820 for Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Pad printing, painting, ultrasonic welding, EMI/RFI shielding services