Powdered Metal

Powdered Metal
  • Part density to 7.4 g/cc
  • Secondary operations include copper infiltration, resin & oil impregnation, machining and plating
  • Custom, precision sintered metal components

The Powdered Metal process, or P/M, is an effective way to manufacture complex metal shapes in medium to high quantities.

While the P/M process does involve multiple steps, P/M parts are cost effective when the design is sound, due to the fact that very little material is wasted.

  • Custom, precision powdered metal parts to 500 grams
  • Secondary coining and sizing operations enhance structure and tolerance
  • Oil impregnation for lubricity makes ideal bearing components and bushings
  • Ferrous impregnation improves powdered metal part density to 7.4 g/cc
  • Sintering in controlled atmosphere furnaces to maximize properties
  • Powdered metal parts feature complex external and internal shapes
  • Flexibility in shape makes near net-shape sintered metal parts
  • Minimal material waste ensures competitive pricing